I've made a lifetime commitment to the field of imaging and, with over 40 years of experience, it's easy enough to say that I love what I do.

I have a background that includes: Visual Information Specialist for the Department of Defense, Instructor of Photography at  the Maine Photo Workshops, Photo-finish Photographer at a Thoroughbred track, Photo-Lab Technician and Ship's Photographer during Vietnam deployment with the US Coast Guard.  My work has been published, collected & exhibited throughout the US, Canada & Europe.  Site updated April 4th 2018.


Comments from Clients.

Personal projects include:  

In The Shadow of the Viaduct is a documentation of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, its placement between the city and waterfront and of the activity that goes on within its shadow. 


On July 16th, 2006 the Seattle Times / Pacific Northwest Magazine published an article I wrote and a selection of images from the project.

The website www.SeattleViaduct.com, first published in 2003, is currently closed for renovation. 



40 Miles of Water The Seattle Waterfront and Duwamish Waterway

The Seattle Waterfront is going through major changes. A number of them are caused by the Viaduct replacement project and others are brought on by the continuing growth
in our region. 

The measure of waterfront I'm documenting runs well beyond the length of the Viaduct, it spans nearly 40 miles of Seattle’s waterfront.  One of the places I visit often is the 1st Avenue Bridge.

I've posted a short video about it at Vimeo.  The link:  https://vimeo.com/user70570681
will open in a new window.


Life In Seattle.

I've always thought that major cities should have "official documentary photographers" whose general job description reads in part: ”to document the ever-changing face of our cities and neighborhoods.”   Now, I’m not speaking of Google maps and their street by street approach. 
That is an entirely different concept.  So, if you're visiting my site from some distance and have ever wondered what Seattle looked like, what you might find as you explored the city, our neighborhoods & walked our lanes, then this is work you’ll be interested in seeing.
And, if you live here, well, you may discover something new about the place you've come
to know as home.

Passage to Vancouver.
Landscape views from a rail and road journey from Seattle,
WA to Vancouver, BC. 

Small Gifts Found Close to Home.
Photographic explorations in Seattle parks.

A Year in the Garden.

Photographs made within our private 5000 square foot nature preserve.