I first called on Gary Sutto and Under the Light when one of the principals of Wright Runstad & Company had an urgent need for interior photos of progressive office spaces that he could use for a presentation to the Urban Land Institute. Not only did Gary respond to my somewhat unrealistic timeline, but he did so with great results.  Gary accommodated my initial request with enthusiasm, professionalism, and a sense of humor.  We worked together on several subsequent projects with similar results. Gary was always there when I needed him and always delivered exactly what I asked for.  I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

On behalf of Inagua Enterprises, Shinstine Construction and Walker Architecture, I would like to take this opportunity to say that it has been our pleasure to work with you on the Nicholas Court project.  As a small design office, Walker Architecture relies on the expertise of many consultants and you belong on the top of the list. Your photographic eye, flexibility and responsiveness have helped to record this courtyard project and to capture the spirit and dynamics of the structure and landscape.  This work will commendably serve our varying needs as designers, architects, developers and contractors for some time.

RE: An Exhibition of Selected Viaduct Photographs at Seattle City Hall:

I went to City Hall to install all of Allied Arts' illustrations, and after two hours I decided my initial plan was detracting from your great work. So, we  decided that your work needed to be in lights (literally). Our work was actually diminishing the power of yours and was reflecting ill on us. After two hours of head scratching, I took all of the Allied Arts illustrations down and focused on you.  With thanks to David Yeaworth and Tom VanBronkhorst who encouraged us to take a second look at our original plan -- we decided that Gary's work needed to be featured on its own. His photographs of how people are living under the Viaduct are eye opening indeed. Right here -- just a few blocks from City Hall. It (the work) looks absolutely fabulous and I am really pleased with the outcome.  SB.


Gary - I wanted to let you know that I took a few minutes from my crazy day and took a look at your website. It is beautifully done! You are an excellent photographer - you capture something unique in each frame.


Dear Gary, 

Thanks so much for sending along your wifeís bio. And I enjoyed looking at your website. Your work is quite beautiful and very interesting!


RE: The Passage to Vancouver Portfolio.

Hi Gary, Thanks for your email and link to your website. Youíve captured some beautiful imagery!  Itís good to hear of your continued interest in Vancouver.


Gary: Thanks for your note. Your work is very beautiful, thoughtfully crafted and very artistic.   All best, RK, Picture Editor 


RE; The Seattle Viaduct Portfolio at: www.SeattleViaduct.com

A fantastic collection of fascinating images - I recently visited Seattle from Vancouver and was interested in the Viaduct and its place in the city, so browsed for it back home and really found your approach an excellent eye opener on this aspect of Seattle.


I am a Seattle native and lived there at least part time since the 1950's. The viaduct was the best drive because of the view of the waterfront and downtown. As a kid it was awesome to see. I still remember it. Your pictures are beautiful - but the subject is so sad. People's ingenuity in making a bedroom is inspiring but overall the area really looks old an worn out and the people who use it must be too. I moved away in 1996 and have been homesick every day I've been away. It's hard to explain, but I miss the messes you see in the neighborhoods of Seattle - and the neighborhoods period.  In Phoenix the growth has been so vast and fast that there are no neighborhoods, no cultural centers for different nationalities, and everything is brand spanking new - roads, buildings, houses, people.  Nothing has a soul.  Anything built pre-1960 is torn down and built anew. So while the pictures of the viaduct are sad and even with the color play of dark and light, shadow and sunlight - I find more beauty in what you captured (of the) old and broken than any picture from here all shiny and new. Thank you for all your hard work.  It touched me deeply and I will save it and come back to it often. HHR Phoenix, Arizona.


Good morning Gary, 
Outstanding work.  Your composition and lighting speak volumes to me.
 I was raised in Vermont, and every summer my grand-parents would spend two weeks in Wells Beach, ME.  My grandfather was a professional photographer (for the Fairbanks Scale Company in St. Johnsbury, VT) and he would make side to trips all up and down the coast from York to Rockland and Camden.  I have fond recollections of pictures from the Portland area but none with the unique perspective of yours (excepting of course the Portland Head light).  Later, when I was fortunate enough to live in Ogunquit, I burned through a lot of film in the coves, small anchorages, and some of the out-of-the-way corners in and around SE Maine. When I have the time to devote to it I want to peruse through the rest of your site...nice site by the way. Excellent work and thanks for the site information.  BA.


I'm working on the Viaduct Replacement Team, your coverage of the Viaduct and its inhabitants is great. I also have walked several miles under the structure getting an idea for our study. You capture a way of life that is irreplaceable, reminds me of growing up along the B&O railroad at the end of WWII.  The same type of "hobo" encampments. Would like to meet you someday. PS. My wife and I lived in Topsham, ME from 1998-2000, a beautiful State.


Gary Sutto's photo journalistic piece, "Views From the Viaduct" in the "Pacific Northwest" magazine for 07/16/06 was visually interesting, socially enlightening and a sad and tragic commentary of homelessness in Seattle.  Gary's pictures are compelling, and his late afternoon shot on page 21 is startlingly reminiscent of a 1930 Edward Hopper painting from entitled "Early Sunday Morning".  Given the uncertainty of the Viaduct's survival, I am glad that Gary has chosen to record these beautiful, and at the same time haunting, images and views of Seattle's "In The Shadow of the Viaduct" architecture.


Saw the Pacific Northwest story. Although I now live in Santa Barbara, CA, I am a former Seattle Times staffer so I regularly read the newspaper. The 15 years I lived in Seattle, I, too, found myself captivated by the Viaduct. Your project is wonderful. Your photographs are stunning. Thank you and keep shooting!




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